Often we recognize something is wrong in our congregation because the symptoms become intolerable: gossip, manipulation, warring factions,¬†alliances, over-functioning, under-functioning, heightened emotionality. We might think about the role we play as a leader in our congregation,¬†and how we perpetuate the problems and long to get things back on track. But can a pastor really influence a whole congregation toward health and wholeness? Rabbi Edwin Friedman would say, “Without a doubt.” We will examine the family history of the clergy, the sense of call, and the call between pastor and congregation that led to this point. We will examine the congregation’s history and leadership, and discover ways to use our learnings for the benefit of not only the pastor, but will impact the congregation for years to come.

Coaching is available in-person for local clergy, or via Skype or phone due to distance. $65/hour.